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TTMS, Bobine standard


TTMS Military Grade, Heat Shrink Identification tubing, for the identification of wire and cables.

Made from durable, flame retarded, radiation cross linked heat shrinkable polyolefin. Supplied in ‘Continuous’, format for ease of printing and kitting.

TTMS and TTMS-MP is a thin wall, light weight, fast recovery 3:1 shrink ratio sleeve, allowing the customer to cover a wide range of cable diameters. –MP (More Puffy) tube has a more open profile to aid installation.

TTMS-2X is a thicker, rugged wall, 2:1 shrink ratio sleeve, which can aid with handling and installation.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, military, industrial and energy. Marker sleeves meet the mark permanence requirements of AS5942 and MIL 202 Method 215

TTMS and TTMS-MP meets the material performance requirements of the AMS SAE DTL 23053/5 specification. TTMS-2X is fabricated from AMS SAE DTL 23053/5 class 1 and 3 tubing.

TTMS and TMS-SCE Heat Shrink Identification products are available as part of a complete identification system. The system comprises specific printers, thermal transfer ribbons and WINTOTAL software

Spécifications techniques

à paroi mince
taux de retractilité
100 m
température de fonctionnement
-55 - 135 °C
Polyolefin (PO-X)
sans halogène
avec colle intérieure
homologation UL
TE Connectivity / RAYCHEM (autorisierter Distributor)
Quantité Réf. Bezeichnung Stock diamètre intérieur avant rétrécissement diamètre intérieur après rétrécissement couleur UV Unité
TTMS-2.4-9 841292-000 2.4 mm 0.8 mm blanc 100 Mètre
TTMS-2.4-4 205428-000 2.4 mm 8 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-3.2-4 853773-000 3.2 mm 1.1 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-3.2-9 997183-000 3.2 mm 1.1 mm blanc 100 Mètre
TTMS-4.8-9 946593-000 4.8 mm 1.6 mm blanc 100 Mètre
TTMS-4.8-4 721133-000 4.8 mm 1.6 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-6.4-9 969593-000 6.4 mm 2.1 mm blanc 100 Mètre
TTMS-6.4-4 141469-000 6.4 mm 2.1 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-9.5-4 294869-000 9.5 mm 3.2 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-9.5-9 398741-000 9.5 mm 3.2 mm blanc 100 Mètre
TTMS-12.7-4 633973-000 12.7 mm 4.2 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-12.7-9 826415-000 12.7 mm 4.2 mm blanc 100 Mètre
TTMS-19.0-4 703636-000 19 mm 6.4 mm jaune 100 Mètre
TTMS-19.0-9 182794-000 19 mm 6.4 mm blanc 100 Mètre
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